Dojo Membership
(2 semesters)
Age 16 and under
Age 17 and over
Monthly fee = $5.63/class for children, $6.25/class for adults

Family discount
(2 semesters)
Adult and Child$85$240$450
2 Children$80$230$430
2 adults$90$250$480
Family of 3$105$290$560
Family of 4$110$310$600


What does my membership cover?
  1. Operating expenses for the club: rent, website upkeep, marketing, and materials
  2. Instructor development program
  3. Equipment costs (mats, kicking bags, shared sparring equipment such as gloves)
  4. Honorarium for international guest instructors

Dojo fee policies
  • Membership fees must be paid in advance of beginning classes. Please provide payment by the 15th of each calendar month if paying monthly, or the 15th of the first calendar month if paying by semester, semi-annually or annually.
  • Payment: Cash or cheque payable to Guseikai Karate Vancouver. We are working on e-commerce solution to be implemented in the future.
  • Upon payment, GKV will provide payer with receipt.
  • Students with unpaid fees will not be permitted to attempt kyu or dan examinations until all outstanding fees are paid.
  • These fees are subject to change. Written notice will be provided to all members in advance of fee structure changes to become effective the following semester (90 days notice). Payments made in advance that are affected by the fee change (eg. a change to the annual rate when the student has already paid the annual membership rate) will be honoured.

Dojo fee refund policy
  • Refund will be provided upon request for the remaining classes left in the month for which refund is requested. (for partial months)
  • Full refund is available for semester, annual or semi annual fees. Student will be refunded at the monthly discount rate paid at the outset.
  • Refund cannot be provided for classes which have already taken place.